Jun 23, 2009

Non-GMO, vegan, cheap, gourmet-tasting chips… Am I dreaming?

I was browsing the aisles of Whole Foods today when I was caught off guard by these chips. The simplicity of the packaging made them stand out from all the other chips, so my eyes were drawn to them. And the brand name— “Food Should Taste Good”… Wow, the marketing folks behind this brand are pretty genius; I was suckered into buying them.

You’ll notice that Food Should Taste Good chips have a variety of interesting flavors:
Sweet Potato, Olive, Chocolate, Multi-Grain, Jalapeno, Buffalo, Lime, Potato and Chive, Cinnamon, and Yellow Corn. I tried sweet potato and chocolate flavors… (I’m a bit of a risk taker)

Chocolate: These chips were delicious! I will definitely buy these again. They were reminiscent of a lightly-salted, baked corn chip with a coco-puffy aftertaste. Sorry, that’s the best I can do to describe them!

Sweet Potato came in a close second because the flavor wasn’t as distinct, but pleasing nonetheless!

Both are highly addictive…

These corn chips are non-GMO and baked in high-quality oils like sunflower and safflower, along with other all natural ingredients (IE nothing that you can’t pronounce). They are not raw, but sometimes you just need something convenient to munch on. Great for school lunches (if you have kids) or for a pick-me-up snack at work.

They taste gourmet but without the gourmet price tag. Its cool that I found something I can stock up on and not feel guilty about. There’s nothing bad in the ingredients that I would be worried about building up in my system.

Woo hoo! I found most of the flavors on Amazon for a better price than Whole Foods or the manufacturer’s website. You can buy them in 12-packs and only spend $2.37 per bag, about $1.00 per bag cheaper than Whole Foods! Plus, free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Here are the links: (keep in mind 6 ounces is your standard large-sized bag of chips)

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